The natural healing properties of essential oils have long been recognised. When the Black Death ravaged fourteenth century Europe , people wore bags of sweet smelling herbs for protection from the dreaded plague.

Now our understanding of the gessenceh or glife forceh of a wide variety of plants is much more advanced. Aromatherapy, the use of essential oils to enhance mental and physical wellbeing, is widely used to ensure optimum health and balance the body's equilibrium.

It provides a highly effective means of preventing and treating many ailments, including respiratory problems, digestive disorders, muscular aches and skin complaints.

Essential oils enter the body in two ways - through the nose and the skin. We have a very strong nose-brain connection, enabling the scent of essential oils to reach the limbic part of our brain, which controls our moods and emotions.

Essential oils can also penetrate the skin; they are then absorbed into the bloodstream, which transports them to the organs or other systems of the body where they are required.

Air Nourisher is the ideal means of bringing you the benefits of aromatherapy by gently diffusing the essential oils of your choice throughout your living environment, ensuring effective penetration at controlled levels.

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