Placenta is a miraculous organ that nurtures the fertilized egg into a full grown baby inside the womb. All kinds of nutrients such as Amino Acids, Various Actives Peptides, Enzymes, Nucleic Acids are concentrated in the tissues to supply to the fetus. In 1986, Stanley Cohen received Nobel prizes by discovering the presence of growth factors in Placenta has a very powerful physiological effect to accelerate body cell regeneration, and restore youthful skin. PXP Placenta uses highest medical grade placenta extracted from Japanese porcine (fam. Suidae). Researchers have shown that placenta extracted from porcine in comparison with human placenta have over 90% similarity in their DNA and is more compatible to our body, and hence, much more benefit and effective than sheep (only 60% similarity), cow or other kind of placenta extract.

Product Safety

PXP Placenta extract uses Porcine placenta collected from a self-owned porcine breeding farm in Japan. The farm has 5000 porcines breed under a virus-free environment, and use only for placenta collection. Afterwards, the placenta are processed under stringent manufacturing procedures to extract only substances that are essentials and safe to human body, and passed all quality standards from the Japanese Ministry of Medicine to ensure that products are safe to use.
Virus and bacteria free
Hormones free
Toxic free

How Placenta extract can once and for all solved 7 skin problems

1. Dull and yellowish skin: Placenta extract contains EGF that promotes cell division by 365% and stimulates the growth of blood vessels, restore youthful skin

2. Wrinkles and Sagging skin: Fibroblast cells are responsible for producing collagen and elastin in the dermis that provide a structural framework for the skin. Placenta extract contains FGF that will stimulate the growth of Fibroblast cells and produce more collagen (283% increase) and elastin, keep the skin firm and supple.

3. Acne and pimple skin: Placenta extract helps to balance the autonomic nervous system and sebum production and thus inhibit the formation of acne or pimples.

4. Dehydrated skin: Placenta extract contains Amino Acid (Natural Moisturizing Factor) that can retain and replenish moisture and keep the skin supple, soft and moisturized.

5. Sensitive skin: Placenta will balance our immune system and protect against harmful irritant and effective against sensitive skin or atopic dermatitis.

6. Age spot and dark skin: Placenta extract inhibits formation of melanin pigmentation by 75%, and thus very effective against age spot or dark skin.

7. Aging skin: Placenta eliminates excess Reactive oxygen species (ROS) by 83% which is the major cause for aging skin (wrinkles and freckles).

How PXP Placenta improve your body functions

1. Physical improvement in response to allergic symptoms (allergy, asthma) by strengthening the immune system.

2. Enhance liver function and prevent hepatitis by regulating liver cell regeneration (prevention and improvement of a hangover)

3. Effective against Anemia, weakness and cold extremities by improving blood circulation.

4. Improve insomnia or irritable emotion by balancing the autonomic nervous system.

5. Reduce pre-memopause syndrome, improve edema and obesity by balancing hormone.

6. Enhancement in Stamina and Energy Level.

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