Revital Placenta uses highest medical grade placenta extracted from Kagoshima porcine (fam. Suidae) and exclusively farmed and produced by a registered Japanese medicine manufacturer with 20 years of R&D. The product is processed under stringent manufacturing procedures to only extract essential substances (free of hormones and virus, no side effect), and passed all quality standards from the Japanese Ministry of Medicine. Researchers have shown that placenta extracted from porcine (DNA nearest to human) is more compatible to our body, and hence, much more benefit and effective than sheep, cow or other kind of placenta extract.

Placenta is a rich source of active peptides, growth factors, amino acids, vitamins, and nucleic acids that are vital for our body. One capsule already contained highly concentrated source of extract.

Placenta is a miraculous organ that provides holistic benefits that can improve onefs health and physical beauty. Clinically studies have shown that continual intake of Revital placenta will revitalizes skin cell and make your skin look radiant, white and supple and much younger.

Functional use of Placenta essence:

Increase peripheral circulation and promotes metabolism, rejuvenates dull skin to bring about a radiant face

Reduce inflammation, eliminate activated oxygen, stimulate of cell respiration, balance hormone. It is effective against wrinkles, pigments, acne and sagging.

Strengthen the immune system, physical improvement in response to allergic symptoms (allergy, asthma, hay fever)

Regulate cell growth and morphogenesis and shown to have major role in liver cell regeneration, enhance liver function and prevent Hepatitis. Promote detoxification, prevention and improvement of a hangover.

Improve blood circulation, effective against Anemia, weakness, cold extremities and other symptoms.

Balance the autonomic nervous system, improve insomnia, and show good results for irritable or depressed emotion

Balance hormone and promotes metabolism, reduce pre-menopause syndrome, improve edema and obesity

Enhancement in Stamina and Energy Level

Proliferation of wound granulation tissue, speed up post-natal, post-operative wound recovery

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