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We all know about air pollution outside. But that's not the only problem. A growing body of scientific evidence, including a major US Environmental Protection Agency study, has shown that indoor air pollution can be more dangerous.

There's a long list of harmful pollutants contaminating your environment. Dust, fungi, pollen, airborne bacteria, mite droppings, tobacco smoke, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in household cleaners and other chemical-based products c

You can't see them but they're there. Threatening your family's health.

Now you can remove that threat. The Percee Air Nourisher destroys harmful viruses, bacteria and removes dust, pollens and other irritants.

And it does more ... it boosts your health and vitality by nourishing the air with essential oils selected for their protective and healing properties. Air Nourisher ensures constant diffusion of the oils you choose, giving you an all-round aromatherapy treatment.

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